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Welcome to Textile Waste Facts

A free 30-minute course about textile waste and environmental justice

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Learning Goals for this 30-Minute Course:

1. Understand

Understand the scale of fashion pollution and the impact of textile waste globally.

2. Connect

Draw connections between your actions and global environmental injustice.

3. Plan

Make a personal action plan for how you can realistically reduce your textile pollution.

4. Advocate

Identify political strategies to reduce textile waste and advocate for them locally.

Garbage Factory

Our course is divided into four short modules.

Find out how much textile waste is generated each year in the United States and where it all ends up.

Hear directly from environmental activists and experts about the impacts of textile waste on public health.

Explore ways you can reduce your impact and how you can contribute to political and structural changes.

Take an inventory of your choices when it comes to the clothes you wear and identify opportunities for change.

Decide what your next steps are – sharing with a friend, reading more, or taking an advocacy step.

Let's start with some reflection...

Your responses throughout this course will be used in aggregate to evaluate and improve our course. By continuing, you acknowledge and accept that your responses will be used for this purpose. 

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