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Module 2: The Impacts of Textile Waste

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Learning Objectives:


Hear from environmental activists and experts about the impacts of textile waste on communities in the Global South


Understand why shifting textile waste to countries with less advanced waste management is problematic for public health

Textile waste a major polluter in Southeast Asian countries like Bangladesh.jpg

What are the environmental and public health impacts of textile waste in the Global South?

In the following 9-minute video, Matilda Lartey (an artisan and community activist in Ghana) and Stacey Johnson (a sustainability expert in the U.S.) discuss this question.

Let's reflect on that...

Garbage from debris that is degraded Removal of the waste will increase the accumulation o

Why does waste have a greater impact on countries with less advanced waste management systems?

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How does textile waste affect health?

Textile Waste Infographic.png

What about landfills and incinerators in the U.S.?

Though landfills and incinerators in the U.S. have systems to reduce pollution, some pollu
Recycling pressed bales from scrap material textiles foam and wood.jpg

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