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The Aftermath Learning Lab has designed a landfill simulating reactor to study textile waste...

The machines, which are currently generating new data, examine the environmental health impacts of textiles when they decompose in a landfill environment including the composition of landfill gasses generated and the chemical properties of leachates that emerge when water interacts with the decomposing textiles.

Textile waste a major polluter in Southeast Asian countries like Bangladesh.jpg

How was the reactor built and how does it work?

In the following 19-minute video, Eva Ottum (a former research assistant for the Aftermath Learning Lab) describes the construction and operation processes for three landfill simulating reactors she helped design for the lab.

Interested in learning more?

Textile Waste Facts is a free 30-minute course developed by the Aftermath Learning Lab about textile waste and environmental justice. In the modules, you will explore solutions to textile waste and create your own personal action plan.

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