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70% of discarded textiles in the U.S. are landfilled...

Every year, the U.S. also ships more than 1.6 billion pounds of used clothing abroad to countries, primarily in the Global South, with less advanced municipal waste systems. There they pollute the air, land, and water.

Textile waste a major polluter in Southeast Asian countries like Bangladesh.jpg

What are the environmental and public health impacts of textile waste in the Global South?

In the following 9-minute video, Matilda Lartey (an artisan and community activist in Ghana) and Stacey Johnson (a sustainability expert in the U.S.) discuss this question.

Interested in learning more?

Textile Waste Facts is a free 30-minute course developed by the Aftermath Learning Lab about textile waste and environmental justice. In the modules, you will explore solutions to textile waste and create your own personal action plan.

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